Why us Why us – Billiards|Snooker and Pool Tables in India.

Why us

Using skills passed from generation to generation which are kept fresh and alive by daily practice in timber field and backed by the rich timber industry experience, each table is a unique focal point and expression of skill and

  • First grade rich woods of kerala are used in our tables which are rich in high oil content and are known for its quality, texture, lustre and durability
  • specialized imported accessories and table fittings are worked with precision and care for royal looks
  • pure wool cloth from the world’s best mills
  • our tables are bulit to perfection at its finest with world class quality and are reasonably priced
  • One and only company in india to offer dedicated on site installations with direct super vision of owners themselves.

What makes us different from others?

our attention to details, our emphasis on quality and service, we listen to our customers.we are proud to offer high quality, handcrafted, durable, affordable tables and its room furniture. we are the only manufacturer who make billiards tables and games room furniture that offer quality,style, value and customer satisfaction.