Elite owners refrain from Used Pool Tables in India.

A used pool tables in India or second hand Billiards table, Snooker table or pool table is very risky to deal with and involves a huge table work, in fact sometimes customer ends up paying more than a brand new set of table! It requires expertly dismantling cost from the sellers place, then packing cost not to damage in transit, Loading cost on to the vehicle then transportation cost to buyers place, then unloading cost, then re-assembling cost and regarding accessories cost mostly tables don’t have properly maintained ones so bear cost for repurchase, most of the cases in billiards table, snooker table or pool table cloth will be damaged so buying cloth for re fabrication of pool table felt will also involve cost. Hence we strongly suggest not to opt for used or second hand tables instead buy high quality brand new billiards tables, snooker tables or pool tables from us at reasonable prices.