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Snooker table or Billiards table we supply in India ranges from sizes and styles browse our gallery with a choice of category like square leg billiards tables, lathed leg billiards tables, exclusive billiards tables, be it any design you select or opt to purchase we assure you that the billiards table will be a masterwork with an outstanding quality and finish.

You can also opt for full range of billiards room furniture and design your own billiards room with various exotic wood options and pocket options available with us.

Snooker tables / billiards tables we make are built using 100% solid Kerala wood, which are known for its high oil content, lusture and durability.

Table Size Play Area No.of.legs Room Dimension
57″ cue
12′ X 6′ 140″ X 70″ 8 22′ X 16′
10′ X 5′ 112″ X 56″ 6 20′ X 15′

Table dimension comprises of 12’ x 6’ or 10’ X 5’ as you see in table above with stone base and world class accessories, these snooker tables or billiards tables are furnished with superior quality billiards cloth widely known as stranchan 6811 snooker cloth specially imported from west of England or Hainsworth imported billiards fabric or billiards felt.